Breeder Tokin Bora, born in 24.01.1954. in Futog


     Love of birds comes from the time when he was a little boy, starting from the growing decorative pigeons, and to this day when in his yard has over twenty species of pheasants, the same number of pigeons and dozens of exotic species of ducks.
      35 years acquired the first decorative pheasants - gold and silver
to his knowledge and experience to this day has a much more difficult types of breeding and reproduction, which he bring from Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands.
      That is how he first brought brown eared pheasants, peacocks gray pheasants, Edvard's pheasants and many exotic pigeons such as Australian, African Olive pigeon, Turaco,...

     Today hobbyists in Serbia and the environment mostly have the birds which have the origgen of the birds that Bora Tokin breed.







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